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The following reviews are for the Promised Land Album by Keith Anthonisz and Three Wise Monkeys released in 2004:

"The marks the fourth album from Keith Anthonisz released over a span of seven or eight years. With each album usually written on some far away shore, he and his various Wise Men have honed their craft. As always the topics range from the global to the intensely personal. Sign up today, become a fan of one of Perth's best kept secrets"

Sylvester Fox - Groove, The Western Australian Music Magazine, December/February 2005

"I play non-commercial rock, blues, jazz and alternative stuff from 60s onwards, and I like to play Australian and local product. I've programmed "Promised Land - great sound!" "

Greg Fahey - The Laundromat Show, 2MCE-FM 92.3khz in Bathurst NSW and 94.7khz in Orange NSW


The following reviews are for the Indian Holiday Album by Keith Anthonisz and Three Wise Monkeys released in 2002:

"It's a great mix of sounds and I'm especially fond of the use of percussion and sitar. I felt a thousand miles away from the daily grind"

Ida Trovato - Club Acoustica, Sydney

"Dedicated to George Harrison, this cruise-y trans-national musical journey is just what he would have loved. Lead by Anthonisz masterfully understated vocals, The Indian Holiday Album is relaxed and sentimental, demonstrating the purity of good songwriting and acoustic delivery"

Liz - Oz Music Project. The full review of the CD can be read on the Oz Music Project web site

"Keith Anthonisz has captured a swag of immediate musical gems from a journey into the desert cities and camel bazaars of Rajasthan. The tracks range from the acoustic melancholy of Neighbourhood of Earth to the tough bazaar humour of Haggle, a song that celebrates and detonates the struggle with hard-core hustlers of the Indian desert"

Wayne Ashton - Groove, The Western Australian Music Magazine, February/March 2003

"I went to the launch of their CD last night and they went off. Mostly smooth, grungy, country-blues funk on the western rim of the island continent - inspired by our big ocean and the sub-continent that gives its name - The Indian Holiday Album is great original music"

Tony McRae - Member of Parliament, Riverton, Western Australian Government



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